Episode 0 – 36 Days on sMars

This is the first episode of the Spincrisis podcast!


In this episode, I talk give a brief introduction to who I am, and why I applied for the HI-SEAS program (Hawaii Space Exploration Analog and Simulation). Since we are now on day 36 of the HI-SEAS program, I answer a number of questions that have been sent to me over the last 5 weeks.

I answer the question, why the title ‘Spincrisis’?

I also talk about the future of this podcast, weekly crew interviews and recaps during the HI-SEAS program, and more general interest opinions on science, technology and space exploration after the HI-SEAS program has come to an end.

Questions and comments about HI-SEAS? E-mail me at my delayed e-mail address: ross@delaysnrf.ksc.nasa.gov.