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After yesterday’s interview on Daybreak South, it seems like Pandora’s box has been opened. So if you’d like to keep track of where I’ve spoken and where I’ll appear, check here first for the most up to date information. Please feel free to follow my public posts on Facebook and Twitter.

Official University of Hawaii Press Release: Team performance factors the focus of new Mars simulation.

Daybreak South (Feb 26th – 9:15 MST): Lake Country man heads for Mars simulation mission.

Kelowna Daily Courier (Feb 27th): Local scientist going on NASA Mars mission.

The Canadian Press (Feb 27th):

Global Edmonton (Feb 27th – 6pm and 11pm MST):  (Video) U of A student joins simulated Mars mission.

Alberta Primetime – CTV News at 6 Edmonton (Feb 28th – 6pm and 11pm MST): Simulated mission to Mars.

CKNW Radio in Vancouver AM980 (Feb 27th – 6:40 pm PST): The World Today (skip to 11m30s).

Global BC – BC 1 – (Feb 28th – 2:00 pm PST): NASA project simulates life on Mars.

CBC Radio West – (March 28th): Ross Lockwood on Radio West.

Kelowna Daily Courier (April 9th): Life on ‘Mars’ working out smoothly so far for KSS grad.

Kelowna Capital News (May 2nd) : Understanding what life might be like on Mars.

Time (June 3rd): Best Space Photos of the Month: May 2014

University of Alberta New Trail – A Quick Trip to Mars

Alberta Primetime – CTV News at 6 Edmonton (6 and 11 pm, July 15th) – Simulated Life on Mars

Instagram Blog (July 20th) – Simulating Life on Mars on a Hawaiian Volcano with @casey_stedman and @spincrisis

Reddit /r/space AMA (July 20th) – We are the HI-SEAS Crew and Mission Support Team – Ask Us Anything!

Buzzfeed (July 20th) – Amazing Photos From Hawaii Reveal What It’s Like On A Simulated Mars Mission “It’s basically BioDome without Pauli Shore… Thankfully.”

Universetoday (July 21st): Insta-Mars: Crew Wraps Up Mock Mission With Pictures Of Their Hawaiian Adventure.

Hawaii Public Radio (July 31st): Mars Research

New Scientist (July 31st): When NASA space crews play make believe

Banff Centre Radio (August 1st, 8:30 am HST)

People First Radio (Columbian Centre) (August 7th): HI-SEAS Mars Mission

Alberta Primetime (August 12th): Simulated Mars Mission wraps up

University of Alberta Physics (August 15th): Physics grad student discusses life after Mars 

The Gateway (August 20th): PhD candidate returns from mock voyage to Mars

Triggertrap (September 3rd): Is there Triggertrap on Mars?

Space Safety Magazine (September 25th): HI-SEAS Study Measures Social and Emotional Dynamics of Crew Cohesion

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